Carbage Keep your car clean

Think before your Throw!

The Founder’s  Story….

The Carbage™ story started Last summer, when I took a road trip with my Parents to Goa .  As I was enjoying the scenic routes and the beautiful landscapes of the famous NH 07 highway –I saw a car in front of us throw their trash carelessly out of their car window .  I remember thinking to myself these people surely look educated and affluent (driving a suburban car),  then why would they blatantly do something like this?  I made my parents chase the car and flag them down and the car thankfully stopped . I then very politely pointed out to them that they had thrown stuff out of their car and perhaps there was a plastic bag they could keep in their cars for garbage . They agreed  and I was happy and also though was lucky as most people are not as open to suggestions.
This got me thinking that maybe if there was better product than a plastic bag (which we all know is not environment friendly) that could help with the trash generated in the Car.   Hence Carbage™ Emerged !
With the help of my family and friends I was able to create Carbage and spread awareness of this product at various events.

How you can Help !

Its simple -You can help the environment by not throwing trash out of your car!

Everyday millions of pieces of garbage get tossed out of vehicles which make our streets dirty and polluted. Trash thrown out of vehicles is a major source of urban pollution. This litter not only creates an eye-sore for any community, it also affects the wildlife, clogs the storm water drains and wastewater collection systems.  We pay the price of this littering through our health

Statistics show that people litter because it’s convenient and that they believe someone will pick up after them. We probably never thought about what happens to that gum wrapper or cigarette butt when we throw it out of our car window; maybe it gets washed away or swept up, but our small bit of litter definitely doesn’t make a difference right? Wrong. Every time we litter we are contributing to the slow-but-sure degeneration of our planet.
If drivers would just “think before they throw” and use Carbage™ in the car to collect garbage and take it inside to dispose once they home , it would help solve this problem of urban street pollution


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